Frigo Transformations


Incredible results and inspiring journeys; see some of our patients’ before and after photos the next time you visit our practice.


Spacing is a very common complication with anterior teeth, which has to be corrected in order to bring out that perfect smile everyone wants to see.

spacing before spacing before spacing after spacing after


Bunching, overlapping, displacement of permanent teeth. Damon braces are a great way to expand the arches and create a beautiful smile.

crowding before crowding before crowding after crowding after

Smile Arc

Creating a perfect smile arc gives our patients a full gorgeous smile. The upper teeth should always be parallel to the lower lip line.

smile-arc before smile-arc before smile-arc after smile-arc after

Non Extraction

Most parents are not concerned with the removal of primary teeth but when it comes to permanent teeth they become a little more apprehensive. Dr. Frigo prefers to keep all natural teeth to allow our patients to gain a smile that will stay beautiful for a lifetime.

non-extraction before non-extraction before non-extraction after non-extraction after

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