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"I could write a quick sentence that says, "Dr. Frigo and his staff are the best, hands down.", and it would be accurate BUT that's simply not enough. Dr. Frigo and his staff changed my life. My case was extreme, to say the least, I visited three- THREE- different orthodontist on the coast and they all, each one by one, told me I would need to have my jaw broken- wired shut for 6 weeks- and then have traditional braces placed- the cost was astronomical and I can only imagine what the pain would have been. When it was recommended that I meet with Dr. Frigo I was thinking, "ok, yeah, whatever" because I just KNEW what he would say. When he began discussing his plan it was so much more simple, no broken jaw, I was amazed and almost didn't believe he could pull it off- BUT HE DID! And much sooner than he said he would!

Dr. Frigo and his staff have gone above and beyond for me to make sure I had the best experience and to make sure I had everything I needed. They made sure it was a convenient experience. When I first had my molds done, one was messed up, I had already missed a good chunk of work for appointments and without me even saying a word Dr. Frigo told me not to worry and met me at his office at 7:30 AM before the office was even open for the day to redo my molds. Several of the staff have given me their personal cell phone numbers to reach them at any time if needed. When I was pregnant, they worked with me on appointments to make sure I was comfortable- they helped me choose potential names for my daughter. When she was born, everyone helped me get through appointments with a tiny who is very demanding. Guys, I can't tell you enough how much I have appreciated both the staff and Dr. Frigo.

I was told I would have my braces much much longer. They were removed in December 2016 and Dr. Frigo STILL goes out of his way to make sure my smile is PERFECT. I get compliments daily from complete strangers on how beautiful my smile is. It has been life changing to go from hiding my teeth to showing them 24/7.

I highly highly HIGHLY recommend Dr. Frigo & his amazing staff!"




"I am complimented daily on my smile. Dr. Frigo gave me the confidence I need to smile every day!"

Jon'elle and Winfield

"We certainly love Dr. Frigo and everyone there! I think the world of him and his staff. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!"


"I have been complimented about my "new" smile many times and recommend Dr. Frigo to any and everyone who asks about my orthodontist".


"I always have conversations about my smile. Everywhere I go I get compliments!"

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