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Frigo Orthodontics

At Frigo Orthodontics, we’re dedicated to bringing you and your family the latest and greatest in orthodontic treatment and technology, in a warm and welcoming environment. For more than 20 years, Dr. Christopher Frigo and our team have provided the Mississippi Gulf Coast with the utmost attention to detail in our clinical work. Our patients always leave the office happy and smiling!


We do our best to make our patients’ treatment a success through our clinical excellence, exceptional customer service, and amazing results. If you’re considering orthodontics for yourself or a loved one, please give us a call today to schedule a complimentary consultation at either our Biloxi or Gulfport office.


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Dr. Christopher Frigo, DDS


Dr. Christopher Frigo has been creating beautiful smiles for over twenty-five years. He has successfully treated over eight thousand patients employing a holistic orthodontic approach that focuses on delaying the natural aging process of the face by carefully avoiding the removal of teeth and restoring the loss of vertical facial dimension that occurs naturally with age-related wear of the dentition.


Dr. Frigo has literally traveled around the world to study under to tutelage of various Damon pioneers across the globe. Most notably, Dr. Chris Chang, of Taiwan, an internationally acclaimed speaker and professor of orthodontics from the University of Indiana who has revolutionized the orthodontic specialty with his innovative treatment mechanics.


Using the Damon ‘Brace-Lift’ system, Dr. Frigo has created subtle changes in the face that appear to reverse the natural aging process by enhancing the width of the smile while adding lip support to the corners of the mouth without the use of cumbersome palatal expanders, unsightly headgear, or jaw surgery.


In addition to his knowledge of the Damon system, having successfully treated over one thousand patients with the Invisalign aligner system has not only endeared Dr. Frigo with years of experience treating malocclusion with Invisalign aligners, but more importantly, the ability to discern between which patients are better suited for treatment with aligners from those best treated with the Damon braces system.


Dr. Frigo has been married for over thirty years to his college ‘life-coach’ and love of his life, Kerri Breland Frigo. Together, they have four children-two girls and two boys. To replace the kids who have moved on to greener pastures in New York City, Dr. Frigo is attempting to learn to play classical guitar and fostered two loving dogs; Molly, a Bernie-Poo and Murphy, a Labradoodle. 

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